O3 Gallery trip to the National Portrait Gallery

Lucian Freud (1922-2011) is considered one of the greatest realist painters of our time, having a life-long interest in the human face and figure. He is incredibly skilled in that he was able to portray his nudes naturally and anatomically correct. Artists often flatter the human body in their work but here he has shown it for what it is.

After visiting his exhibition at London’s National Portrait Gallery, O3 Gallery members Rona and Rie were shocked at the difference between his early style and his work made towards the end of his life. His early works having been painted so finely with shockingly large eyes, and his later works, with thick brush strokes and the structure of the body spot on.

Lucian Freud Portraiture Exhibition continues to run from the 9th February – 27th May 2012 and is a must see so be sure not to miss it!